We don’t have to drain every last drop

by admin

on September 10th, 2019

With hot-in-place asphalt recycling (HIPAR) we get the best of both worlds.

HIPAR significantly reduces emissions while still promoting economic growth.

With HIPAR we save money, conserve non-renewable resources and reduce our carbon footprint all at the same time.

HIPAR roads are lasting a comparable amount of time to extracting, processing, hauling and placing all new materials. with HIPAR we have zero waste and there is no hauling away of precious oil and aggregate that we have already extracted out the earth.

In 2016 green roads will have recycled close to 200 kms of provincial highway.

Conserving 32,000 barrels of oil, 90,000 tonnes of aggregate and 5,400 tonnes of ghgs.

Unlike other recycling programs HIPAR saves taxpayers millions rather than costing millions.

BC’s ministry of Transportation and Infrastructures forward thinking has turned what most would deem as a depreciating asset into an appreciating one. the residual value of the materials in road is will continue to increase exponentially over time.

As the rest of the world struggles to catch up and continues to waste otr down-cycle their non renewable resources …future Briitsh Columbians will be proud of our province.

Green Roads Recycling would like to thank the province of Britsh Columbia and in particular the ministry of transportation and infrastructure for being world leaders.

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